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Hepcinat LP is apply for to treat chronic Hepatitis C infection in an adult. Hepatitis C is one of those viruses that cause viral hepatitis which is an inflammation of the liver that eventually may cause liver cancer in due course of time. Unlike Hepatitis A or B, it is highly contagious and does not have any vaccine although research works are in full swing all over the world to create one for the disease.

There are two kinds of Hepatitis C, one is acute, and the other is chronic. When the virus infects one, it is quite difficult to detect as it rarely shows any symptoms. In this initial stage, it is recognized as an acute kind of Hepatitis which may sustain for a even months or few weeks in worst cases.

It is a high possibility that the disease will turn into chronic in due course of time as it happens in most of the facts. It is found that up to 85% of the patients, who are infected with acute Hepatitis C, are not able to eliminate the virus and eventually become chronically affected by the disease.

Although the disease does not show any initial symptoms in most of the cases, one can observe some minor symptoms like fatigues, poor appetite, nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea or muscle and joint pains. In those cases, it is very important to detect the Hepatitis C virus quite in an early stage if it is there at all, and it can only be discovered by spotting a problem with liver enzymes only through a routine blood test.

If the virus runs in your blood for 20 to 30 years, there is a high possibility that it may create a scar in one’s liver which is called cirrhosis of the liver and it may eventually lead to liver cancer. In such situation, one will show the symptom of fluid retention in abdomen along with Jaundice.


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