Ledifos cost



  • Brand____________________________________Ledifos

 Product Name:     Tablets Ledifos

Product Type:        Tablet

Strength:                 90 mg & 400 mg

LEDIFOS its generic harvoni

Ledifos contain ledipsavir and sofosbuvir, Hetero Ledipasvir Sofosbuvir Details:ledifos

  • Brand name: Ledifos Tablets
  • Contents : Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir
  • Manufactured by: Hetero Drugs Limited
  • Form: Tablets
  • Strength: 90 mg Ledipasvir and
    400 mg Sofosbuvir
  • Packing: Pack of 28 tablets


Harvoni cost in USA, CANADA, EUROPE, EGYPT, INDIA and more

Harvoni is the most effective hepatitis c treatment known to man. Here are the cost of standard 12-week treatment around the world:

US – $94,5000

CANADA – $84,000

UK – £39,000

FRANCE – 48,000€

Egypt – $12,000

India – 12500  INR

Germany – 41,000€

We have secured a partnership with a trusted and certified generic sovaldi and harvoni seller and can offer 3-bottles worth of hepatitis c medications for a 99% percent lower prices than original us price. We reveal how to get in touch with our partner via the manual – you can read more about the manual below.

Us price is $94,500 per treatment, in india generic harvoni is only $1511. Price in europe is 41,000€ (france). Where to buy cheapest harvoni in the us? Unfortunately, harvoni cost in the usa and other countries around the world is also one of the highest of any drug treatments available. When the cost of sovaldi pill, harvoni’s predecessor, was $1000 per pill and more than $50,000 per treatment, people and insurance agencies alike have questions if the price for the sofosbuvir drug is justifiable. When gilead sciences introduced an upgraded drug harvoni on the market, the effectiveness was not questioned, the main issue was the harvoni cost on us market, and what cost of harvoni pills can other countries in europe and asia expect. Harvoni price in the usa was set to $94,500 per 12-week treatment. How much harvoni costs around the world? In india only $1511 per 12-week treatment. In collaboration with hepatitis c society, we have prepared a manual of how to get generic harvoni shipped from india.

Where can i buy Ledifos tablets?

Medivac International  who can ship Ledifos tablets (cancer treatment medicines) to any country of the world as per the buyer’s requirement and government regulations of the country. Ledifos is manufactured by Hetero Pharma Ltd

Medivac International provides options of choosing exporter and supplier of cancer treatment medicines we take guarantee of quality and delivery anywhere in the world as per the buyer’s requirements.

How does the system for buying generic drugs work in india

In order to understand how one can buy generic harvoni from india it is important to understand what kind of system india has for buying generic drugs. There are three factors:

Drug production (limited to 7 companies having licences from gilead sciences to produce generic harvoni)

Drug distributers (wholesale companies registered to sell generic drugs to pharmacies and individuals)

Pharmacies (taking care of general distibution and dispension of generic harvoni)

Why can india produce and sell generic harvoni

Usually a drug such as harvoni is patented and the originator (in this case gilead sciences) has an exclusivity on producing and selling the drug. However, even when sovaldi came out in december 2013 in us, india had problems with paying such a high price for life saving disease. Because india is such a big market with more than 1 billion people and estimated more than 30 million hepatitis c patients, gilead sciences had agreed to give licences to 7 india’s pharmaceutical plants to produce and sell generic harvoni and generic sovaldi at a very low cost. On every sale, however, gilead sciences profits from royalties. Given that generic harvoni is sold for around 5$ per pill if gilead reaps $1 royalties there is still around $250 billion to be made in india alone on hepatitis c.

In negotiations for this deal from which now every us or european hepatitis c patient can benefit it was stated by indian authorities that they don’t recognize the innovation that went into developing of harvoni’s active ingredient sofosbuvir. Because the molecule is very similar to other antiviral drugs that already exist in the market, gilead went on to give licences to produce generic sovaldi at first, and when harvoni came out in us the licence to produce generic harvoni followed.

Who can produce generic harvoni in india

Among the 7 companies licences to produce new hepatitis c drugs the most important onces are mylan and Hetero pharma. Mylan launched a generic sovaldi under trademark name myhep – these are 400 mg sofosbuvir pills without 90 mg ledipasvir which is present in harvoni. Hetero pharma, on the other hand, had launched both generic sovaldi under the name Sofovir and generic harvoni under the name Ledifos and are selling it in more than 100 developing countries (for example price for 28-pill bottle in nepal is around $380).

Source: www.ledifostablet.com

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