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Ledihep tablets (ledihep tablets) are a drug-inhibitor of the replication complex of the hepatitis C virus. In simple words, this medicine blocks the possibility of the pathogen to propagate and spread within the human body. The use of this medication is welcomed by most hepatologists, “Ledihep price is highly effective and low-toxic, which makes the therapy successful and harmless. This article presents a detailed description of the mechanism of action, a list of contraindications and possible side effects, detailed schemes for the treatment of viral hepatitis C are described in detail. But do not use this material as a guide to self-treatment. Before taking it is necessary to agree all the nuances with the attending physician.

Price Ledihep for the treatment of hepatitis C

Treatment of hepatitis C for a long time caused difficulties; the virus-agent has strong adaptive abilities. This is why the number of infected people is steadily increasing every year. But thanks to the latest developments of American scientists, the situation may change. 
 Several years ago, the drug-inhibitor Harvoni was released, it showed an unprecedented effectiveness. Over time, some pharmaceutical giants of India received the right to produce his generic product. Thus, Ledihep tablets antiviral medicine was published. It is an exact copy of the American drug, but it is more affordable for low-income patients. 
 The fixed price of Ledihep price in india 12,000 INR. The shortest course of treatment will cost 25,000 INR.
 Do I need to talk about the benefits of this generic to the original drug? By the way, the “cost” of “Harvoni” — over 20,000 dollars for 1 package. 
 Currently, buy Ledihep online is not difficult, because the official representative of the manufacturer works in the country, which significantly improves access to treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus. The order is processed through the online store. Delivery within India {Medixo Centre} takes place in a matter of days. The drug is delivered by courier to the customer.

Ledihep tablets — Hepatitis c Medicine

Many people for several years unsuccessfully tried to defeat viral hepatitis C. The prevalence of pathology is growing every year. According to statistics, less than 15% of all infected have strong immunity, so only a small number of people can be cured without specific treatment. 
 Developments of American scientists led to the appearance of the combined drug Harvoni with high antiviral activity. Over time, Indian pharmacists received a license to produce generic. So, the company Zydus Heptiza Ltd has put on sale Ledihep.

Ledihep is an inhibitor, it is able to block the multiplication of a pathogenic microorganism, due to which it leads to a stable virologic response and complete healing.

Indications for use Ledihep is viral hepatitis C 1, 4, 5 and 6 genotypes for the following groups of patients:

  • Without experience of treatment of this pathology;
  • With the unsuccessful experience of HCV therapy with other antiviral drugs;
  • If there is an allergy to interferon, ribavirin;
  • Without cirrhosis and other pathologies of the liver;
  • With compensated cirrhosis;
  • After surgical interventions on the liver, including after organ transplantation;
  • With complicated HIV infection course of the disease.

Ledihep Tablets Uses

Ledihep tablets against hepatitis C

Before the start of treatment, it is advisable to undergo a thorough examination. It should include a complete blood test, a liver biopsy study, a genotype determination of the virus. Thanks to the data received, an adequate therapy option will be appointed.

According to the instructions Ledihep, the drug is taken once during the day at the same time.

Daily dosage of complex therapy is 90 mg of Ladipasvira and 400 mg of Sofosbuvira. Just such volume of active substances is contained in one tablet. This is the standard dose for all patients. To reduce the established medicinal portion can only the attending physician taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism of a single patient. 
 The minimum course of treatment is 3 months, the maximum — 6. This indicator depends on many factors. Modern treatment regimens for hepatitis C Ledihep provide for several options.

ledihep tablets
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