Ледихеп зудус видео

Good health, happiness, joy, growth, togetherness, discovery, learning, exploration, evolution, transformation, aspirations, are all intrinsically linked with life. Zydus Heptiza is dedicated to all these dimensions.

Through these initiatives, Zydus Heptiza reaches out to the community that it forms a part of, finding new expressions for its mission to create healthier communities globally. Zydus Heptiza has forged meaningful partnerships with its key stakeholders both internal and external, partners in progress and the community at large. Ethical practices, accountability, robust governance and sustainable initiatives are at the very core of the group’s business strategy, planning and operations which helps minimise risks and leverage opportunities to create value. The group’s philosophy for community engagement is based on the principle of volunteerism and is an intensive, comprehensive and sustainable programme.

1). Our Company was awarded the Overall India Pharma Excellence Award and the India Pharma Innovation of the Year Award from the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India.

2). Recently, the Zydus group bagged the India Pharma Overall Excellence Award and India Pharma Innovation of the Year Award from the Govt. of India.

3). The group also won the CII Industrial Innnovation Grand Jury Award of being the Most Innovative Company of the Year and declared the most Innovative Pharmaceutical Company by Thomsun Reuters.

Source: zydusheptiza.com

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